TAChidromos, Ταχυδρόμος, ένα πολύ ενδιαφέρον περιοδικό των ελλήνων φοιτητών του Τορόντο

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Tαχυδρόμος- is mailman in Greek. The Greek Students’ Association at the University of Toronto wished to have an outlet to deliver Greek culture and the goings on to all who wish to know. TAChidromos has three responsibilities:

1) The responsibility to clarify all information pertinent to Greek students and Greeks in general. The world is not black and white, neither is it grey; we are not fanciful university students trying to add out nothingness to the
overwhelming dim ether of subjectivity that mark the scholar who has lost his connection to his own humanity, that ‘thing’ that connects us all. The world is a barcode, subtle and nuanced, but still discoverable for all who are curious.

2) The responsibility to question the cultural, economic and political space we inhabit. If we lose the ability to question the governing powers of culture, economics and politics in Greece then we may end up with Hellas, a barely recognizable portion of Modern Greece that is slept though by Saturday Greek school students who want to study the Mediterranean nation they inhabit, but are barred from doing so by the immigrants fantasizing about a country that doesn’t exist.

3) The responsibility to inform our readers on Greek culture, economics and politics. The information in every issue of TAChidromos is cited and the authenticity is maintained to the best of human ability or is discarded. To inform is the responsibility of every publication worth reading even the diversions of media. The TAChidromos of Greek culture, economics and politics will maintain its goal to inform Greek students, Greeks and all other readers who are interested.