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Heraclitus’ Epistemological Vocabulary

T. H. Lesher 24grammata.com- free ebook [download] Free ebooks on Classical Literature and History click [...]

The PreSocratics

An Overview 24grammata.com/ free ebook [download] Free ebooks on Classical Literature and History click here [...]


24grammata.com/ free ebook [download] free ebooks on Classical Literature and History click here γλώσσα: αρχαία [...]

Nietzsche, Heraclitus, and Interpretation

JOSHUA ROBERTS-GILLON Aporia Vol. 15 number 1—2005 24grammata.com / free ebook [download] free ebooks on [...]


By C. C. W. Taylor 24grammata.com/ free ebook [download] In the fifth and fourth centuries [...]

Empedocles – Fragments and Commentary

Empedocles 24grammata.com / ebooks Description: Empedocles; ca. 490–430 BC) was a Greek pre-Socratic philosopher and [...]

Some Notes on Philolaus and the Pythagoreans

Leonid Zhmud Institute for the History of Science and Technology, St. Petersburg Ο Φιλόλαος ο [...]

Democritus and his Influence on Classical Political Economy

Panayotis Michaelides, National Technical University of Athens Ourania Kardassi, Athens University of Economics and Business [...]

Anaximander’s Saying

Leo Harrington University of California, Berkeley Τάδε έφη Αναξίμανδρος (Anaximander, 610 – 547 B.C.) Anaximander [...]

A History of Western Philosophy

Ralph McInerny 24grammata.com/ free e book [download] Volume I Foreword / Acknowledgements • Part I: [...]

Parmenides, The poem: On Nature [ Gr, En, Fr, It ]

Parmenides (Παρμενίδης/ περί φύσεως), Fragments 24grammata.com/ free ebook [download] Texte grec H.Diels 1913, Traduction anglaise [...]

The Poverty of Philosophy. Answer to the Philosophy of Poverty by M. Proudhon

Karl Marx, 1847 24grammata.com- free ebook [download] Written: First half of 1847; Source: The Poverty [...]

The cosmology of Democritus

E. Danezis1, E. Theodossiou1, M. S. Dimitrijevi´c2, A. Dacanalis1, Ch. Katsavrias1 1 University of Athens, [...]

Pythagoras / Πυθαγόρας [Samos, 582 – 500 BC]

24grammata.com/ e-book/ english Pythagoras [Samos, 582 – 500 BC] 24grammata.com/ e-book/ english [download] Like Thales, [...]

IAMBLICHUS’ LIFE OF PYTHAGORAS, PYTHAGORIC LIFE / Ιάμβλιχου, Περί του πυθαγορικού βίου.

TRANSLATED FROM THE GREEK BY THOMAS TAYLOR. 24grammata.com/ free ebook [download] INTRODUCTION. When it is [...]

Democritus’ Parmenidean Influence

Jason Dayley Δημόκριτος 24grammata.com/ free e book [download] Democritus is famous for a theory of [...]

DEMOCRITUS/ Δημόκριτος (Abdera, Thrace, Greece.)

DEATH BY PHILOSOPHY ανάλυση όλων των αποσπασμάτων του Δημόκριτου (αγγλική γλώσσα) 24grammata.com/ free e book [...]