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Με τη συνεργασία του Φιλολογικού Σπουδαστηρίου  “Γ. Δαμιανός”
Φιλολογικά Μαθήματα Λυκείου.

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The 24grammata.com e-Magazine presents the unique collection of free eBooks on classical literature and history, written in English (the collection is updated daily with new books).

  • These eBooks are chosen by literature experts with sole purpose to promote the universal classical literature. Emphasis is given to historical manuscripts and in the Greek and Latin literature.
  • For the first time in the world wide web, all the university studies & articles on classic literature and history are gathered and presented in a user friendly form in the following order:


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  • These eBooks are offered completely free with no registration or any other time consuming commitment.
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  • The eBooks that we offer bear no copyright restrictions and are according to international laws on intellectual property rights.
  • 24grammata.com is a non-profit e-Magazine with no commercial adverts.

If you have a copyright free eBook on classical literature and history, send it to us to upload to 24grammata.com and present it as a free eBook. Help us to promote the free, qualitative side of the Internet.If you have rights to a book or you have in your bookcase old books (over 70 years old or from publishing houses that have closed down, then you can scan them and send them as .pdf files to us to upload to 24grammata.com. If you choose to do so then please add a small description of the book (about 10-15 lines) to inform the readers about the author and the book’s summary. 24grammata.com will upload these books to a special category for Rare and Old eBooks. The purpose for this to to preserve forever all the past intellectual creations.

* not subjected to copyright (under intellectual property law). This is either because the authors send the material straight to 24grammata.com or 70 years have passed since the author has passed away. In any case if there is a beneficiary that decides to change his mind, 24grammata.com commits to remove the eBook immediately. These free eBooks were strictly selected among many other. Our associates work daily pro bono to scan and present, in a user friendly way, intellectual works from the Greek, English and Italian literature.

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