A Greek and English Lexicon 1940

Lidell Scott 24grammatajpgH.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones & R. McKenzie

A Simplified Edition, by Didier Fontaine


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Henry George Liddell ( 6 February 1811 – 18 January 1898) was dean (1855–91) of Christ Church, Oxford, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University (1870-74), headmaster (1846–55) of Westminster School[1] (where a house is now named after him), author of A History of Rome (1857), and co-author (with Robert Scott) of the monumental work A Greek-English Lexicon,[2] which is still used by students of Greek. Lewis Carroll wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for Henry Liddell’s daughter Alice.

Robert Scott (26 January 1811 – 2 December 1887) was an English academic philologist, clergyman, and a Fellow (later Master) of Balliol College, Oxford. He served as Dean Ireland’s Professor of the Exegesis of Holy Scripture at Oxford from 1861 to 1870, and as Dean of Rochester from 1870 until his death in 1887.

He is best known as the co-editor (with his colleague Henry George Liddell) of A Greek-English Lexicon, the standard dictionary of the classical Greek language. According to the 1925 edition of the Lexicon, the project was originally proposed to Scott by the London bookseller and publisher David Alphonso Talboys; it was published by the Oxford University Press.