A Passage to India

E. M. Forster

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Author Biography
When Edward Morgan Forster completed A Passage to India, he was in his mid−forties and was already a respected and relatively successful novelist. Between 1905 and 1910 he had published four well−crafted Edwardian novels of upper−middle class life and manners: Where Angels Fear to Tread (1905), The Longest Journey (1907), A Room With a View (1908), and Howards End (1910). However, although he had continued to write short stories as well as another novel, Maurice (published in 1971, after Forster’s death), he published little in the decade after Howards End. Born in London on January I, 1879, E. M. Forster was an only child. His father, an
architect, died when Forster was only a year old. The boy was raised by his mother, grandmother, and his father’s aunt, who leftForster the sum of 8,000 pounds in her will. This large amount of money eventually paid for Forster’s education and his early
travels. Early in the new twentieth century it also enabled him to live independently while he established his career as a writer. Forster grew up in the English countryside north of London, where he had a happy early childhood. He attended an Eastbourne preparatory school and then the family moved to Kent so that he could attend Tonbridge School (a traditional English public
school), where he was miserable. However, he found happiness and intellectual stimulation when he went to Cambridge University. There, at King’s College, he studied the classics and joined a student intellectual society known as the Apostles.
mong his teachers was the philosopher G. E. Moore, who had an important influence on Forster’s views. He made many friends and acquaintances, some of whom went on to become important writers and eventually became active in the Bloomsbury Group.
After graduating from Cambridge, Forster traveled in Italy and Greece. Theseexperiences further broadened his outlook, and he decided to become a writer. He became an instructor at London’s Working Men’s College in 1902 and remained with
them for two decades….

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