Akicharos. The Tale of Ahiqar in Ancient Greece.

I. M. Konstantakos
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Ι.Μ. Κωνσταντάκος. Ακίχαρος: Η Διήγηση του Αχικάρ στην αρχαία Ελλάδα. Τόμος Α. Γένεση και αφηγηματικό υλικό. Τόμος Β. Από το Δημόκριτο στους Περιπατητικούς. Εκδόσεις στιγμή. Αθήνα 2008. 334, 426 σ
The Tale of Ahiqar is one of the oldest “international books” in world literature: from early on it circulated widely in the Near East and was translated in various languages, including Greek. An adaptation of Ahiqar has been incorporated in the Aesop Romance (ch. 101-123). But the work had started to infiltrate the Greek world from much earlier times: a Greek translation of it was apparently known to Theophrastus, at the beginning of the Hellenistic period; it has been claimed that already Democritus transcribed the Tale of Ahiqar in Greek, while some of its elements (episodes, narrative motifs, sayings) seem to have influenced Greek texts of the archaic and classical age.

The purpose of the present study is to examine the introduction and reception of the Tale of Ahiqar in the Greek
world, thus contributing to a broader understanding of the encounter and the exchanges between Greece and the ancient cultures of the East.

24grammata.com/ free ebooks