Anaximander’s Saying

Leo Harrington
University of California, Berkeley

Τάδε έφη Αναξίμανδρος (Anaximander, 610 – 547 B.C.)

Anaximander (Αναξίμανδρος),  Greek philosopher who was the first to develop a cosmology, or systematic philosophical view of the world free ebook


This talk will give a reading of this saying of Anaximander using the language of group actions. This reading would like to suggest that the Pre–Socratic Greek philosophers did encounter something quite definite that was clearly hard to express with the words available to them – something that is still hard to express but which can hopefully be more clearly indicated with the language we have now.
The Greeks in their day were immersed in this encounter; while nowadays just indicating this encounter falls far short of actually engaging in it. free ebook