Andreas G. Papandreou: The Economist

papandreu 24grammata.comAndreas G. Papandreou: The Economist
by THEODORE C. KARIOTIS free ebook

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It is too early for history to judge Andreas G. Papandreou as a politician, but it is not too early to judge him as an economist. Andreas Papandreou is simply the greatest economist that Greece has produced in the twentieth century.

People who came in contact with him, even at an early age, knew that one day Andreas Papandreou would become someone special. He was politically active in his life as a student at the University of Athens, when he joined the under-ground movement against the Metaxas dictatorship. As a result he was arrested, imprisoned and tortured in 1939. During this period of his life he was introduced to the writings of Trotsky, and was fascinated by him. When Papandreou later on went to
the United States, he had made plans to visit Trotsky in Mexico, but this trip never took place as Trotsky was assassinated a few months after Papandreou arrived in New York City.
The Harvard Years: The Creation of an Economist With his father’s assistance, Andreas Papandreou was released from prison and he received a passport…