Cavafian Catoptromancy

Κωνσταντίνος Καβάφης (1863 – 1933)
α. όλα β. έργα γ. μελέτες / άρθρα δ. ξενόγλωσσα



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Cavafian Catoptromancy
by Dr. Peter Jeffreys free ebook

The mirror is not deceiving me, the image is true, no other girl on earth is as beautiful as I. “Dünya Güzeli”
The vain remarks uttered by Cavafy’s folklori c Odalisque Dünya Güzeli as she gazes into her mirror surely resonate with Cavafy sc holars who at times find themselves wonderingabout their own academic reflection. I theref ore take some comfort in Mr. Savidis’s injunction to gaze into the Cavafian mirror since I have been engaged in this very act of scholarly scrying for some time. To be sure, the very notion of approaching Cavafy through Alice’s capricious looking- glass is at once a mischievous tease and a sobering
corrective for literary critics. Mr. Savidis very shrewdly throws down the gauntlet in hisessay “Cavafy Through the Looking-Glass” by challenging critical assumptions and reminding us how much more there is to learn about Cavafy—both the man and the poet.
Cavafy, we are told, is deceptively simple yet infinitely complex: in short, a paradox. Mr. Savidis equates Cavafy’s poetry to a l ooking-glass in which, it is assumed, we maysee what we wish to see or, in keeping with the tradition of magical catoptromancy (mirror divination), divine what we wish to know.,, free ebook

There is much truth in this assertion,