Colour of Perception Exhibition – 7th Layer art collective- (Topolski Century Gallery ) αγγλικά/ επικαιρότητα

επιμέλεια:  Βασιλική Τζανάκου

The Topolski Century Gallery would like to present the 7th Layer art collective and invite you at the private view of their premiere exhibition:  “Colour of perception“,Thursday 10/11 at 6:30pm-9:30pm

Through the labyrinth of echoing memories of one of the most important century’s in history, Feliks  presents, in the most colourful and illusionary way,  his personal testimony as an artist and traveller through time.

Having the same intentions of playfulness with colours, lines and techniques, whilst exploring the assets of modern life and social commentary, we would like to present this newly formed art collective group, to create a passage of light, colour and symbolic meaning following in the footsteps of Feliks Topolski through his journey in time.

The 7th Layer, formed by the artists Susan Balzer, Jonathan Bradbury, Panos Dimitropoulos, Chris Ivory, Chris King, Froso Papadimitriou, Sam Peacock , who through their representative methods of expression including painting, photography and sculpture pose the question: what is the colour of life we perceive?  and are inviting you to explore a modern assembly of testimonies, memories, thoughts and statements derived from the unease of a fast- changing century oversaturated by information, through the amorphous pool of human sentiment.

Saturday 12/11 – Sunday 13/11 gallery opening time: 11:30am – 5:00

Topolski Century Gallery