Derrida and Husserl. The Basic Problem of Phenomenology

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Acknowledgments ix
Abbreviations xi
The Original Motivation: Defend the Derridean Faith 1
part one: phenomenology and ontology
1. Genesis as the Basic Problem of Phenomenology 11
2. The Critique of Phenomenology: An Investigation of “ ‘Genesis and Structure’ and Phenomenology” 24
3. The Critique of Ontology: An Investigation of “The Ends of Man” 34
part two: the “originary dialectic” of phenomenology and ontology
4. Upping the Ante on Dialectic: An Investigation of Le Problème de la genèse dans la philosophie de Husserl 47
5. The Root, That Is Necessarily One, of Every Dilemma: An Investigation of the Introduction to Husserl’s “The Origin of
Geometry” 88 part three: the end of phenomenology and ontology
6. More Metaphysical than Metaphysics: An Investigation of “Violence and Metaphysics” 145
7. The Test of the Sign: An Investigation of Voice and Phenomenon 166 part four: the turn in derrida
8. Looking for Noon at Two O’Clock: An Investigation of Specters of Marx 211
The Final Idea: Memory and Life 226
Notes 235
Bibliography 267
Index 283 free ebook