Epistles of Apostle Paul

Translated by Seraphim Larin

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Of all the New Testament holy authors, Apostle Paul – having written some 14 Epistles -stands out as being the most prolific in expounding instructions on Christian living.Because of the significance of their contents, they are rightfully regardedasthe”secondGospel,” attracting attention from both thinkers-philosophers and the ordinary faithful.
The Apostles themselves did not ignore the works of their “beloved brother,” who was last to convert to Christ, yet equal to them in spirit and sanctified gifts (2 Pet. 3:15-16). Presenting themselves as an important and necessary appendix to the teachings of the Gospel, the Epistles of the Apostle Paul should be the subject of an attentive and earnest study of every person that seeks a deeper understanding of the Christian faith.

These Epistles are outstanding in their remarkably elevated religious thoughts, reflecting the Apostle Paul’s extensive knowledge and scholarship of the Old Testament, which wereequal to his profound understanding of Christ’s New Testament teachings. In trying toexpress his deep thoughts and not finding the necessary words in the contemporary Greeklexicon to do this, Apostle Paul was compelled to create his own expressions by blendingexisting words to give them a new meaning. Later, these new words were widely used by Christian writers in their literary works.