Georgia Tsialtas αγγλικά / καλλιτεχνική ζωή αποδήμων
Georgia Tsialtas likes to say that if her bio was interesting she would be writing an auto-biography and not fiction!  Georgia is the youngest of three, and she and her two older brothers was born and raised in Brunswick, Melbourne in an era where it could easily be mistaken for a mini Sparta and it felt like every second house she came across contained a village connection, however much to her families initial shock she broke with the tradition of what “Good Greek Girls Don’t…” and moved into her own place without the aid of a wedding ring or a pine box.
Georgia still lays claim to the title of ‘Good Greek Girls Don’t…’ because as a huge Sex and the City Fan, she’s waiting for her “Mr Big”.  Georgia Has travelled slightly but one of her favourite things in the world is that feeling of coming home and can’t help feeling a bit like Dorothy, realizing that there’s just no place like home.
“Good Greek Girls Don’t…” was born when Georgia was at the stage in life where she was over the bar and party scene and realizing that there was no happy ending there.  As Desi’s journey was slowly mapped, Georgia began mapping her own journey, and realizing that happy endings come in all shapes and sizes started working towards her own happy ending by taking a risk and put this out for the world to see and scrutinize.  And whilst she doesn’t know where the journey will lead her, she’s doing her best to enjoy the ride, taking good times with the bad.

One of Georgia ’s motto’s in life… Don’t make the same mistake twice – move on to bigger and better ones!

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