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The Greek action for Africa is a Foundation. It’s cause is to provide help to the people of the African Contnient. Starting in 1980, it continues to offer it’s help Mrs Mero Kesesioglou, president
of the fundation, is the main benefactor in this continuous effort to provide not only medical supplies or money, but it also focuses the most important problem of all: Providing the
people in Africa with the means to live self-independent. The work of the Foundation covers many areas.
It providesmedical supplies, hospital and school equipment,
but it doesn’t stop there. With well-developed programs,
it helps to communicate the knowledge and skills that the people of Africa lack.
With the agricultural program, women peasants can be trained in Greece or in Africa so that they can then transfer their knowledge, founding agricultural co-operatives that will provide them with a substantial income. Greek action for Africa sets up fish farms, to help fight men’s unemployment. It provides tools and tractors to the farmers and it also organizes Greek weeks in African cities to help bring the people of Africa and Greece closer.
Now, at the face of the new millenium, we aim providing human and decent living conditions to the people of Africa. In this web site you can learn more about the work of the foundation and it’s plans for the future. You can also help to give the people of Africa a chance to a better life.

Nobody has the right to be happy alone

Actual Situation

Apsolute poverty, Aids, Ulcer of Buruli, Malaria, Worm of Guine are can be fought off. The solution is not temporary “charity”, but organized and coordinated action, setting the foundtation for a long-term development and a permanent improvement of living conditions in the world’s poorest place.

Greek Action in Africa’s vision is a world where every human being can live with dignity and can enjoy fundamental human rights. This is not a distant, unreal dream, but a dream that can become true following a correct planning and a coordinated action.In order to make this vision true Greek Action:

Help people improve their lives by themselves and guarantee their fundamental human rights. Create a climate of solidarity and binding between North and South thus sustaining the world movement agaist poverty. Supports the upgrading of women’s social status and role, so that prejudice and discrimination against them can stop, and so that women can start participating in their community’s political and economic life,as well as to all decisions concerning themselves, their children, their families and thecommunity’s life.

Our Work

The work of the Greek Action for Africa covers many sides of the problems of the african people. It endorses every side of their life, focusing on providing the knowledge and the tools to be able to support themselves. Also, by organizing Greek festivals in African cities and by other means, but especially by offering our unconditional love to people that need it the most, our organization enforces the relations between Greece and the African nations.

The agricultural programs target to providing to african women the knowledge needed to grow and process the goods of the earth. Hundreds of african women have earned the skills that they later taught to other women in their homeland, setting up co-operatives, earning their own income. To take care of the men, fish farms have been established to fight unemployment. Moreover, our organization, with the use of your offerings and the help of the state, establishes healthcare units. It has under it’s supervision 9 hospitals, and it has built it’s own hospital, called “Hellas”, where the Greek flag is waving for the last 15 years..

The Greek action for Africa is working for the promotion of education of the african children. It constructs schools. The Greek action for Africa is working for the promotion of education of the african children.

It constructs schools or promotes financially their building.

It equips the schools with the necessary supplies and organises sports programs. Greek action for Africa has “adopted” many orphanages. Moreover, it has helped to introduce the new technology and computers in the University of Abidjan. Though, the help offered is not the only thing that helps bring closer the people of Africa and Greece. Our organization actively promotes the spread of the Greek tradition in Africa. It organises Greek weeks and founds Greek libraries. Greek action for Africa becomes the channel for state and enteurprenership cooperation towards all the countries of Africa.

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Agricultural Programs Greek action for Africa does a great effort to train the african farmers. Hundreds of african women farmers have been trained in Greece, becoming the basis for farming co-operatives. In cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Agriculture, we have organized missions targeting at the training and systematic organization of the farmers

The agricultural programs are taking place in many areas of Africa, as well as in Egypt and in the Ivory Coast. The co-operatives that are formed grow tomatoes and other vegetables and process their products in juices and other products.

Our organization helps men to fight against the increasing unemployment, by providing employment in fish farms.
Greek action for Africa is also helping the farmers inrease their production by donating equipment, like tractors and plows.

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