Greek Lexicon of the Roman and Byzantine periods

ea-sophocles 24grammata*E. A. Sophocles,

Greek Lexicon of the Roman and Byzantine periods (From b.C. 146 to a. D. 1100),

I-II, Nέα Yόρκη. [Aνατύπωση της γ έκδ. 1887.]– free ebook

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Harvard University Press,
Date of publication    1914.

Evangelinus A. Sophocles devoted his life to the study of Ancient, Byzantine, and Modern Greek. The four volumes in this collection represent the culmination of decades of research and study on the Greek language. His grammars and lexicons have been all been recognized as major contributions to Greek scholarship. His grammatical works brought the insights of a native speaker of Modern Greek to the study of Ancient Greek. Likewise, Sophocles’ Greek Lexicon of the Roman and Byzantine Periods fills a needed gap in lexical resources for post-Classical Greek. To this day, it is one of only a handful of lexicons that covers the Koine and Byzantine periods of the Greek language.

There are very few scholars in the history of Greek grammar who have attained the breadth of knowledge across the whole history of the Greek language that Sophocles reached. A Modern Greek speaker, he began his Classical studies early—before his teenage years. By the time Sophocles published A Greek Grammar for the Use of Learners, he had already been studying Greek for nearly twenty-five years. And by the time the first edition of his lexicon was published, Sophocles had fifty years of Greek study under his belt.

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