Heidegger’s Nietzsche’

Heidegger's Nietzsche' 24grammata.comHeidegger’s Nietzsche’
What is Heidegger’s intention in his book on Nietzsche? It is to advance his uncovering of Being, not in the sense of the beingness that makes every being a being, but in the sense of what, in Heidegger’s account, philosophers implicitly project, take for granted, and then ignore when they clarify this beingness itself. The fact that readers have become familiar with Heidegger ‘s view that there is such a “Being,” however, should not lead us to take for granted that it exists. Nor should the mysterious statements that he sometimes makes` about Being lead us to dismiss his argument prematurely. The central questions to ask Heidegger are whether “there is” Being at all, in the sense that he intends it, and what its
characteristics might be. Less elliptically, the issue is whether previous philosophy, or a richer metaphysics, is sufficient to grasp the phenomena that are apparently most in need of illumination byHeidegger’s understanding of Being.

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