Hellenism in C.P. Cavafy

cornelia_tsakaridou. 24grammatajpgHellenism in C.P. Cavafy
by  Cornelia Tsakiridou, Ph.D., Associate Professor B.A.: American College of Greece, Athens M.A. (History), M.A. (Philosophy): Temple University Ph.D.: Georgetown University

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“Hellenism” and “Hellenic” are terms that Greeks use when they are away from “home” to denote not only a bondto Greece and the Greek language but also a historical aware-ness of the loss of things Greek and a longing, a nostalgia,for their recovery.’ This way of being disposed toward one’s self and toward the world recalls the Homeric
The”hero” embarks on an adventure in the course of which hispoint of departure (Ithaca) becomes increasingly idealized untilit finally inverts the original undertaking and brings the journey o its desired end. But here the resemblance with Homer ends.
Thenostos of diaspora belongs to the imagination. The Odyssean metaphor works to suggest that despite her idealization,Greece remains remote and unreachable…