Paros Poems

Parosparikia1 σύγχρονοι καλλιτέχνες

Paros Poems
by Julia Robinson

Looking into a Greek island’s influence through the eyes of a modern day psyche, this book of poems sensitively examines the issues faced by the author on the island of Paros, delving into the soul of the matter of living. The poems urge you to discover a journey that explores the depths of Paros, not only on the outside of the magical island, but also into the caves of unknowing, the labyrinths of the ‘otherworld’ we also all inhabit. The poems are a map of Paros, a treasure trail of an adventure both outwardly and within.


Sunsets of fire
bathed in azure.
An island rests
on white marble
from whence
famous statues arose
and sailed across the seas –
Life formed
from nothing
as a spinner creates
destiny from the chaos
of sheared fibres.
We sit absorbed
as the wind whispers
Here you can find yourself!
rustling the colours
up through the petals.

Paros Poems was launched at a special event of interdisciplinary arts combining visual art, music and poetry entitled ‘Inspired by Paros’ held at the Apothiki Art Center in Paroikia on 22 November 2012. As well as the poetry reading by Julia Robinson, artists C.P. Seibt, Jun-Pierre Shiozawa and musician Terrence Mortimer shared how the island of Paros has influenced their creativity. Paros Poems is available for sale at Micro Café, the PAWS shop and Anagennisi bookstore in Paroikia.