The Sound Toll Registers and the Odysseus Ionian Maritime History Database: a new comparative way to view north and south Mediterranean maritime trade, 18th–19th centuries.

Panayiotis S. Kapetanakis, Ionian University, Corfu (GR)

Παναγιώτης Σ. Καπετανάκης free e book

1. Introduction
Since the beginning of the 1950s, and the presence of Fernand Braudel with his “Mediterranean world” and the presence, as well, of the “total history” of the Annales School, maritime history has gradually emerged as a new field of history and, in particular, as an important subfield of the broaden field of economic and social history. Maritime history offered us the chance of studying and reading or better to say the chance of re-reading and re-viewing the European and global economic and social developments in the past, with a rather new, differentiated, vivid, more penetrating, and, of course, more “maritime” look. As a result a significant number of scholars and new researchers has been orientated and moved towards the field of maritime history, giving new impetus to its development, while introducing new qualitative and quantitative scientific tools in order to study the European, as well as the global maritime history… free e book