The Times and the British Intervention in Greece in December 1944

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John Sakkas
Assistant Professor In Modern History of the Mediterranean
BA: Aristotelio University of Thessaloniki, Department of History – Archaeology (Degree in History)

MA in Social and Economic History : University of Lancaster, UK

Ph.D.: University of Hull, UK. British Public Opinion and Greece, 1944- 49 (supervisor John Saville).

Office Address: Department of Mediterranean Studies,

University of the Aegean, Dimokratias 1, 85100, Rhodes, Greece


Publications abroad (UK, USA, Germany and Italy)


1.       Sakkas, J., ‘The Greek dictatorship, the USA and the Arabs, 1967-74’, Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans), 6/3 (2004), pp. 245-57.

2.      Sakkas, J., ‘The Experience of the Civil War (1946-49) in a Greek Village’, Thetis, 9 (2002), pp. 187-95.

3.       Sakkas,J., ‘The League for Democracy in Greece and the Greek civil war, 1946-49’, Thetis, 3 (1996), pp. 243-54.

4.       Sakkas, J., ‘Greece, the Cold War and the British Labour Movement’, Thetis, 1 (1994), pp.105-15.

Articles in Books

5. John Sakkas,  ‘Political Science’, 475-503. In Stratos Constantinides (ed.): Greece in Modern Times: An Annotated Bibliography of Works Published in English from 1900 to 1995. Maryland, Scarecrow Press 2000.

6. John Sakkas, ‘The Civil War in Εvrytania’, 184-209. In Μark Mazower (ed.), After the War was Over: Reconstructing the Family, Nation, and State in Greece, 1943-1960. Princeton, Princeton University Press 2000.

7. John Sakkas, ‘Perche il fascismo’, σ. 79-91. In Astaldi, M.L. (ed.), Fascismo e neofascismo, (Firenze, Sansoni 1995).

To be published

1.                  John Sakkas ‘Muhammad Ali and the Greeks of Egypt’, Mesogeios (published in Greece and France)

2.                  John Sakkas ‘Greece, Britain and the Suez Crisis’, Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans

Publications in Greece include four books and many articles in historical journals.