The UnSimple, Taras Prokhasko

Taras Prokhasko 24γραμματα Ukraine/

αφιέρωμα στον πολιτισμό της Ουκρανίας,  κλικ εδώ

The UnSimple
Taras Prokhasko / free ebook

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Taras Prokhasko’s The UnSimple is a strange, poetic journey through a little-known corner of Europe. It tells the story of Anna, a woman who is reborn several times, being both daughter and wife to the same man, Sebastian. It is the story of the mysterious UnSimple, a group of beings with unusual powers who wander through the war-torn landscapes of Europe, collecting stories and weaving the fates of individuals, and who want Anna for themselves. It tells the story of a place, the small town of Ialivets, and of the mountainous region that surround it. It weaves history with folklore and fantasy, politics with poetry, ethnology with botany and philosophy. Yet the resulting text is striking for is spare, simple beauty. This is a work of magical realism inflected with the distinct, melancholy, yet ironic poetics of Central Europe, a story that is both hyper-local and yet universally accessible, and is one of the finest works by one of Ukraine’s most enthralling writers.

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