Theognis -poems-

Θεόγνις ο Μεγαρεύς
About Theognis:
The elegiac poet Theognis is one of the few ancient Greek poets whose work has survived substantially intact. This corpus includes more than 600 elegiac couplets. The theme of Theognis’ poetry is boy-love; some begin by calling on the object of affection with the Greek for “O Boy.” Many are addressed to a youth named Cyrnus.

Theognis was the first Greek poet to express concern over the fate of his work.
Theognis’ Dates:
We don’t know for certain when Theognis lived, although at least the bulk of his life was spent in the 6th century B.C. He may have witnessed events of 480 B.C. He may have been born around 540 B.C. Alternately, his floruit is dated to 544 B.C., which wouldn’t be possible had he been born four years later. free ebook