Demetrios Capetanakis: A Greek Poet in England

by DAVID RICKS free ebooks/ english
Many English readers will have read Capetanakis’s poems “Abel” and “The Isles of Greece” in the fifth book appended to Palgrave’s Golden Treasury, by John Press in 1964. 1- Although a number of the most eminent Greek men of letters settled permanently in England—here one might single out the classic figures of demoticism, Pallis, Eftaliotis, and Vlasto—it’s a surprise to be reading through a standard anthology of English verse and to come across a Greek name. 2 Some readers have then gone on to discover the posthumous book on which Capetanakis’s English reputation rests. This slim and elegant volume, Demetrios Capetanakis: A Greek Poet in England, appeared in 1947, three years after the poet’s death, edited and published by his friend John Lehmann. It must have enjoyed reasonable sales at the time, for it was reprinted in a New York edition in 1949 with the title The Shores of Darkness!’ It would be fair, however, to say that the success of the dead poet was rather d’ estime, and he is today little known as a poet in England… free ebooks/ english