Euthanasia Legislation in the European Union: is a Universal Law Possible?

ευθανασια 11 24grammata.comjpgEuthanasia Legislation in the European Union: is a Universal Law Possible?

J. Lucy Pridgeon* ευθανασία / euthanasia κλικ εδώ / here
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The European Union is the culmination of a long effort to create a unified, borderless Europe. Although it evolved from what were primarily a series of economic agreements,
the competency of the European Union is ever expanding into new areas of policy. The European Union is gaining recognition as a single entity, espousing European views, on the world stage. For example, the European Union as a single political entity now calls for the abolition of capital punishment and torture. However, the original economic purpose of the European Union still dominates much of the policy it creates. Member states guard their sovereignty in culturally sensitive policy areas as there remains a multitude of discordant voices within this larger administrative body.
Thus there is little actual political unity within the European Union as most policy is still created at the national level. The Maastricht Treaty divided policy concerns under European Union jurisdiction into the “three pillars,” however the enumerated policies are anything but comprehensive.1 Yet even with these gaps in competency, there is still room
for the intrusion of the policies of the European Union into areas of law that were perhaps unforeseen by the member states.