Proceedings of an international conference
held in Rethymno, Greece, 13-14 December 2003
Edited by Antonis Anastasopoulos and Elias Kolovos / free ebook
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Preface ix
Abbreviations – Note on transliteration xiii
Part I: The Ottoman Balkans around 1800
GERGANA GEORGIEVA, Administrative structure and government
of Rumelia in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries:
the functions and activities of the vali of Rumelia 3
VIOREL PANAITE, Wallachia and Moldavia from the Ottoman
juridical and political viewpoint, 1774-1829 21
ANTONIS ANASTASOPOULOS, Karaferye (Veroia) in the 1790s:
how much can the kadé sicilleri tell us? 45
DIMITRIS DIMITROPOULOS, Aspects of the working of the fiscal
machinery in the areas ruled by Ali Pa[a 61
ROSSITSA GRADEVA, Secession and revolution in the Ottoman Empire at the
end of the eighteenth century: Osman Pazvanto$lu and Rhigas Velestinlis 73
RACHIDA TLILI SELLAOUTI, La France révolutionnaire et les populations
musulmanes de la Turquie d’Europe au moment de l’expédition d’Egypte :
une mise à l’épreuve du cosmopolitisme 95
Part II: The case of the Peloponnese
ANNA VLACHOPOULOU, Like the Mafia? The Ottoman military presence
in the Morea in the eighteenth century 123
MARTHA PYLIA, Conflits politiques et comportements des primats
chrétiens en Morée, avant la guerre de l’indépendance 137
DEMETRIOS STAMATOPOULOS, Constantinople in the Peloponnese:
the case of the Dragoman of the Morea Georgios Wallerianos
and some aspects of the revolutionary process 149
Part III: The Greek Revolution
PANAGIOTIS STATHIS, From klephts and armatoloi to revolutionaries 167
CHRISTINE PHILLIOU, Breaking the Tetrarchia and saving the kaymakam:
to be an ambitious Ottoman Christian in 1821 181
CHRISTOS LOUKOS, Some suggestions for a bolder incorporation of studies
of the Greek Revolution of 1821 into their Ottoman context 195
VASSILIS DIMITRIADIS, Conflicts of interests in Crete, between local
Muslims and the central government in Istanbul during
the Greek War of Independence, 1821-28 205
HAKAN ERDEM, “Perfidious Albanians” and “zealous governors”:
Ottomans, Albanians, and Turks in the Greek War of Independence 213
Part IV: Epilogue
¨EDOMIR ANTIć, The formative years of the Principality
of Serbia (1804-56): Ottoman influences 243
CENG_Z KIRLI, Balkan nationalisms and the Ottoman Empire:
views from Istanbul streets 249 / free ebook
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