The High Water, Vasyl Gabor

Vasyl Gabor Ukraine/

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The High Water
Vasyl Gabor

Translated by Patrick Corness and Natalia Pomirko
Original publication: Vasyl’ Gabor, “Velyka voda,” in his Knyha ekzotychnykh sniv ta real’nykh podii [A Book of Exotic Dreams and Real Events], 2nd ed., Lviv: LA Piramida, 2003, pp. 50–53.

Vasyl Gabor is the author of a collection of short stories entitled A Book of Exotic Dreams and Real Events, 1999; 2nd ed. 2003, 3nd ed. 2009 and a collection of writing entitled And that which People Are Thinking, 2012. Short stories by Vasyl Gabor have been translated into English, German, Serbian, Slovak, Croatian, Czech, Japanese and Bulgarian.
Mr. Gabor is also well-known for a series of books he has published under the title Pryvatna Kolektsiia (A Private Collection) featuring volumes which consistently win awards at various book forums in Ukraine.

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