The Panathenaicus of Isocrates: The Letters to the Macedonians.

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The following is a translation of the paper by Juan Signes Codoñer entitled ‘El Panatenaico de Isócrates: 3-las cartas a los Macedonios’, which appeared in the journal Emerita v.69 (1) 2001, pp.7-53. Note that some additions and corrections to the text and footnotes of theoriginal publication have been made by the author in this 2005 translation. The translators are Tony Natoli and Thomas Pill.] The Panathenaicus of Isocrates:
3: The Letters to the Macedonians.
JUAN SIGNES CODOÑER, Universidad de Valladolid
[p.7] The epistolary corpus which has come down to our time under the name of Isocrates contains a total of nine letters of which four (Letters 2, 3 , 4 and 5) are addressed to Macedonian rulers, all of them written after the publication of the Philippus of 346. Taking into consideration that after this date the only discourse that has been preserved for us is the Panathenaicus, these four letters offer us a crucial testimony to confirm the validity of the interpretation that I made of this discourse in [p. 8] the previous installments of this study.1
For this reason it is necessary to dedicate a detailed and individualized study to these letters, which takes account of the problems of authenticity and dating, about which there was an intense debate at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century but which has scarcely received much attention since. free ebook